Our Story - BALÉNATURAL by Chilya

BALÉNATURAL comes from the work of a passionate young mom in Bali, Indonesia, the urges of life, passion and hard work.

The name 'BALÉ' started in the most expressive and beautiful way.

In Indonesia 'Balé Balé' is a chair that is made out of bamboo or coconut trees, and these chairs are often placed on the edge of a river underneath a big tree. The 'Balé Balé' chair is somehow poetic, a place where people go for a moment of reflection, contemplation or to soak up the ambiance. A place of healing, to rest, to admire the moon, or a place for farmers to gather and have lunch.

This is what BALÉNATURAL want the products to bring. Ambiance.
To bring memories, feelings and to accentuate it with its scent.

Scent is very powerful, it can bring you into the past, bring you into the moment, in the present or even bring you into the future, into your imagination. It is that powerful that it can truly change your feelings and that's what BALÉNATURAL aspire to be. To live in and to create feelings and ambiance. 

At BALÉNATURAL we strive for ethical and sustainable responsibility towards the environment, we thrive to bring packaging and products that are biodegradable, recyclable, and not harmful without nasty unnecessary chemicals. All the products are made within small batches to avoid excessive production waste.